Cambridge ICT Starters

Cambridge ICT Starters

Cambridge ICT Starters introduces learners, typically aged 5 to 14 years, to the key ICT applications they need to acquire that computer literacy and to understand the impact of technology on our daily lives.

International curriculum

Cambridge ICT Starters gives schools a flexible framework to develop learners’ ICT competence. Modules can be delivered according to the needs of each learning situation and age of the learners – across the curriculum or as a separate course of study.

Learners will develop key ICT skills in a range of applications including computer programming, word processing, digital graphics, databases, spreadsheets, email, presentations, video/animation, the internet and web authoring. They will also consider wider issues such as eSafety and the adaption of their work to suit their audience.


Cambridge ICT Starters is assessed in the classroom through a structured scheme of assessment, operating at three levels:

  • Initial steps
  • Next steps
  • On track

Each level is made up of two stages and certificates are available on successful completion of each stage. Each module of the syllabus contains the Assessment Criteria, which must be met to achieve a Pass or Merit, and an Example Assessment Activity. You are free to design your own assessment activities related to the school curriculum you are delivering.