Behaviour and Discipline

School Behaviour Policy

Expected standards of behaviour are stated in The Code of Conduct.The Code of Conduct makes clear the general principles of good behaviour which will ensure a happy and successful working and social environment for all students.

The Objectives of the school Behaviour Policy are to:

  • Ensure that all members of the school community are shown respect and show respect for others.
  • Encourage a positive approach to behaviour by good example and praise and reward for good behaviour.
  • Ensure that the environment, curriculum, other factors within the school's control are monitored to ensure the promotion of good behaviour.
  • Ensure that where behaviour falls short of accepted standards, procedures are followed and sanctions are applied fairly and consistently.


  • Punctuality is very important. Any student arriving to school after 8.35am will be registered as late and they will receive a late detention.
  • Students are expected to be in school by 8.25 am and to register with their Form Tutor at 8.35 am.
  • In Years 6-13, students who arrive after 8.30 am accumulate detentions to be sat once they have been late three times. These detentions are sat by the Head of Year.
  • Students who arrive after 10.30 am need a note or telephone call from home explaining their late arrival. If no note is received, this becomes an unauthorised absence.
  • Ensure wherever possible medical appointments are made outside of school hours or in the school holidays.
  • Respond to school letters or telephone calls regarding attendance and punctuality.


The school uniform enables everyone to come to the school on equal terms. It also gives a positive sense of identity, and encourages a community spirit. Remember that your school's reputation depends on the way you look and behave to and from school.


The school has strict guidelines on appearance, which must be followed by all students.


  • No extreme of haircut will be allowed.
  • Hair must not be cut to include shaved lines, grooves or patterns.
  • Hair must also not be too long and this means it cannot touch the collar of the blazer or be excessively high.
  • Hair must not be dyed, bleached or coloured in any way.

Conduct in the Classroom

In class, make it as easy as possible for everyone to learn and for the teacher to teach.

  • Conduct in the Classroom
  • Arrive on time with everything you need for each lesson. Do not bring magazines, newspapers or other distractions. MP3 players, radios, telephones and electronic games are banned from the school at all times. Remember to pack your bag the night before and refer carefully to your timetable to ensure you have the right books and equipment for each day.
  • Listen carefully and follow the teacher's instructions at all times.
  • Begin and end the lesson in a courteous and orderly way and throughout the lesson behaving in a sensible and considerate manner.
  • Help each other when appropriate and with the teacher's permission.
  • Never eat food or sweets or have drinks in the classroom.
  • Aim to do the best work you can in class.
  • Record homework properly in your journal or homework diary and completing it to the best of your ability. Remember that if you fail to do homework or if you complete it badly, you miss the opportunity to learn.
  • Look after all your items of equipment carefully and do not lend them to other children. Do not bring expensive pens etc and scratch your initials on your calculator. The School cannot be held responsible for losses, so please do not leave money, bus passes etc in unattended bags or blazers.

Moving Around the School

  • Always walk on the left in corridors and on the stairs.
  • Never run, chase, barge or shout.
  • Do not delay getting to lessons. If you arrive late you disrupt the learning of the whole group.

In the Playground

It is important for everyone to be able to use and enjoy the playground safely.

  • No food or drink is permitted to be consumed in the playground.
  • Not indulging in dangerous games or activities which could cause injury or endanger the health and safety of others. Fireworks or similar items are strictly forbidden.
  • Staying calm if somebody accidentally knocks against you or kicks a ball at you. Any form of rushing is strictly forbidden.

In the Hall at Lunch

Everyone wants to eat in pleasant surroundings.

  • Lining up quietly and not pushing in.
  • Eating all food in the hall and returning trays and plates so that the table is left clean and tidy for the next boy. All leftover food, bottles etc., to be put in bins provided.
  • Talking very quietly and not shouting across tables. Remember not to sit in the gang ways.
  • Follow the instructions from all Prefects.

It Is Your School – Please Respect It

  • Putting all litter in the bins provided and picking up any litter we see even if we did not personally drop it. Glass bottles are a serious risk and are not allowed.
  • Keeping walls, and all books and furniture unmarked and free of any graffiti or tags.
  • Respecting and taking great care of displays of work all around the School. Under no circumstances is chewing gum to be brought into the school.

Respect for Others

  • There is no excuse for personal, insulting and hurtful comments directed at anyone or members of their family. This includes cussing and swearing.
  • There must be no forms of intimidation towards other children including bullying, extortion of money etc.
  • There is no excuse for rudeness, disrespect or insolence towards any member of staff. This includes gestures, body language etc.
  • Any reasonable request from any teacher must be carried out at once and without argument.

At start of lessons:

  • Students should arrive punctually.
  • Students should ensure they take the right equipment and books to lessons.
  • Books and equipment should be taken out immediately ready for the lesson to begin.
  • Bags should be placed on the floor under or beside the desk or chair.

During lessons:

  • Students should not speak when the teacher is speaking to the whole class.
  • Students should listen carefully and follow instructions.
  • Students should concentrate fully and do their best at all times.
  • Students should not disrupt the lesson in any way.
  • Students should enter all homework into their planners.
  • Students should stand if an adult visitor enters.

At the end of lessons:

  • Students should not start clearing away until instructed to do so.
  • Students should make sure the room is clean and tidy before leaving.
  • Chairs should be pushed in after you get up.
  • Students should not leave until dismissed.
  • Students should go quickly, quietly and directly to the next lesson.

At the end of the School day:

  • Students going home should not linger unnecessarily on the school premises.
  • Students going to detentions, activities or clubs should go directly there.
  • Students remaining on site should do so in the 1st floor only.
  • Chairs should be put back, or up on desks at the end of the day.