Welcome To Our School

Bloom International School welcomes boys and girls of all nationalities, races, religions and cultures who wish to benefit from access to the challenging International Cambridge Programmes offered by the school. While most students join BIS at the beginning of the academic year, we also offer rolling admissions throughout the year based on space availability. We invite you to visit our vibrant school campus and see for yourself our wonderful students and teaching staff, working together in a friendly and warm school environment. Contact our Admissions Office to learn more about the school, find out more about our admissions process, or to fill out an application.

Special Needs Education

Special education programs are designed for those students with mental, physical, social and/or emotional needs.


Participate in and organise extracurricular activities, such as outings, social activities and sporting events.

Student Success

We prepare pupils to gain entrance to their preferred 11+ senior schools and we are always at their service to help and advise parents with this process.

Pre Classes

Here at Bloom’s Pre-School, we aim to provide a warm and welcoming environment, a home away from home, for your children, to grow and develop into confident individuals, ready for school...

Qualified Teachers

At Bloom International School we understand that our teachers are our most valuable resource and that we must invest in them to help them grow personally and professionally.

24/7 Supports

Any questions about support at school? Call our phone on 3294637741 and talk to one of our education advisers.

Our School Gallery

A flavour of our school’s activities during the last academic year.

Our School Services

We have produced a series of resources to support the teaching and learning in our school. They explore different aspects of educational practice, from designing a curriculum to improving the quality of classroom activity...

Students Success

We prepare pupils to gain entrance to their preferred 11+ senior schools and we are always at their service to help and advise parents with...

Science Laboratories

The School has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to...

Extra Curricular Activities

The current study seeks to address this gap by exploring how participation in three activities (sports, Music, and arts)...

Our Success

2022 IGCSE First Language English
2022 IGCSE Maths
Students gaining A*- C grades in their A Levels
Leavers going to University or entering apprenticeships

Our Skilled Instructors

Our teaching qualifications and lesson are widely accepted and valued by schools around the world. They are internationally respected as the quality standard.

What Students Says

Response: Students Share Their Best School Experiences and What We Can Learn From Them.

Meet Our Best Tutors

Inspirational teachers who are passionate about their subject ensure your child benefits from this expert tuition from an early age.

New Classroom

Our new classroom environment circle a broad range of educational concepts, including the physical setting, the psychological environment created through social contexts [...]

New Teachers

Providing guidance and advice to students on educational and social matters and on their further education and future careers; providing information on sources of more expert advice; [...]

Quality Lesson

Having easy access to high quality curriculum resources will not just save teachers time, it will make it easier for them to deliver knowledge-rich and engaging lessons that help young people [...]